Want to Sustain your Energy while Working? — Follow these Surefire Ways

Vatsal Jain
2 min readJun 4, 2021


Many of us can round up enough mettle for a quick burst of energy-intensive effort. But will you still feel the same way after a couple of months — or even a year — into your new project, goal, or job?

And what’s your go-to response: Do you keep on pushing while fighting the signs of burnout or fatigue? Or do you wildly linger between hyper-productivity and getting nowhere?

There’s a way to avoid yourself from getting disordered in such times. A time management coach has highlighted some things in particular that can help you preserve your energy over the long run:

Know your tendency: If you tend to work at a high-drive level and try to stay there, make plans to relax. If you proceed gradually and end up struggling with your deadlines, make sure you’re reaching your minimums before you catch a break.

Set upper and lower limits: Think of how much and how little you will work on a particular day. If you’re a content writer, for instance, you may decide to write no less than 1000 words or never more than 2000 words in a day.

Give yourself breathing space: There are days when consecutive meetings are critical or when you need to switch from task to task to task. But for many people, this approach is not feasible in the long term. Build in time to truly remain immersed in the work without the pressure of squeezing deadlines.

Adapted from “4 Ways to Manage Your Energy More Effectively,” by Elizabeth Grace Saunders.