As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

Different languages explain the fundamental belief of karma in numerous ways. Basically implying “what goes around comes around”, karma is proclaimed worldwide as the principle that records each of our action.

Simple Meaning of Karma

The word karma seeks its roots from Sanskrit. It signifies actions or deeds. Yet the ‘law’ of karma withholds more far-flung and labyrinthian information that supervises our presence.

The law of karma watches over the whole duopoly of a domino effect which is basically the cause and outcome of everything we go through. According to it, any result or aftermath we witness today is because of the previous deeds. Similarly, we have to bear the fruits later on the basis of the deeds we do today. This makes our every action a reason for a further reaction, and every outcome a consequence of earlier action, providing us total liberty over our lives, what we do and what we see.

Vital Component of Our Existence

An object at rest will remain at rest or display movement when put into effect by force. The law of karma works exactly like this scientific rule. For each action that an entity carries out, a reaction is certainly confirmed. In actuality, this is simply the usage of physics to our day-to-day lifestyle, believing that whatever concerns our physical setting also concerns our spiritual setting.

Karma is quintessential for our lifestyles because of the abundance of action in our routines. There is not a single slice of time where humans do not act in one way or the other, therefore generating consequences always. Karma sustains evenness in the cosmos, offering entities only what they are entitled to as a consequence of their deeds. Nobody is liable for their experiences but themselves.

Beginning and Consequences

Karma is the supreme requisite of living. Karma relates to all entities as soon as they start performing actions similarly to Newton’s 3rd law that concerns all objects after their formation. Good deed is synonymous to good karma and the doer will be gifted with positive outcomes. On the other hand, bad karma produces yields negative outcomes. That’s why so many people receive a heap of consequences in life. The outcomes are just a mirror-image of the kind of deed performed earlier.

Karma, however, is beneath no responsibility to provide you results straightaway. It decrees when the results of a specific movement show up; so the consequences of today can be from any preceding second of active lifestyles.

From One to Another

We execute an infinite number of actions in our lifespan and karma keeps a record of all of these for further objectives. Some of these actions may show firsthand results while some may be piled up to expose at a later time. This stockpile is the very nature of the law of karma, who is the mightiest book-keeper of all. It keeps every action in its mind and will definitely come to a conclusion.

That’s why most educational settings of Indian Philosophy follow the theory of reincarnation. Action done in one existence without yielding outcome will bring about a fresh living where the creature must face the upshots of this action.

I’m My Own Boss

Karma is self-functioning but requires a germane purpose and support. Environmentalists and philosophers globally claim that by law, nature treats us the way we treat her. That law is karma. Hindus simply substitute the word nature in that sentence by “God. It’s not the nature that brings global warming. It is an effect of human intervention.

As a matter of fact, everything that nature decides on its own is the very reason for perpetual human living such as the rainfall, the water cycle and the concentration of oxygen in the air.

Some of you may inquire why bad things happen to good people. The answer lies in a thorough grasping of the concept of death. Death corresponds only to the termination of the physical body while the soul remains unaltered by it and may be reborn in another body.

As far as karma is concerned, it persists to control as if there was no death. The next body takes it over from the previous body.

Prepare For the Future

Karma makes us answerable for every action we do and holds us responsible for everything we face throughout our existence. Good deed yields good results and vice versa. Hence, we are guided on the largest of scales that we perform bad deeds at our own risk. Good karma can even manifest as a better life, or a life more beneficial to better action, as soon as the present life comes to an end, making it simpler to do more good karma. This is a virtuous cycle. Doing our conscious best at every moment assures a prosperous future and that is the most effective manner to affirm good results.

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